Same Procedure, Different Cost and Potential Cash in Your Pocket!

Did you know that prices for the same quality medical services can differ by thousands of dollars within the same region and health plan network? Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) is excited to introduce Member Rewards—a new program, administered by Vitals1, that offers cash rewards when a lower-cost, quality provider is selected from several possibilities.

· Compare it to where you park your car—the $30 lot or the $15 one just a few blocks away.

· Member Rewards allows you to shop for your health care services in a similar way, and as the following examples show, the differences can be significant.

· Best of all—shopping with Member Rewards could minimize your out-of-  pocket costs and help give you a cash reward.

Medical Procedure*Cost VarianceProvider A CostProvider B CostProvider C Cost
MRI on the Brain$682 to $3,489$682$2,723$3,849
Knee Replacement$17,003 to $61,980$17,003$47,617$61,980

Most of us look for value when we’re shopping—why not apply this practice to shopping for health care services? Member Rewards uses Provider Finder® to help you reduce costs and take more control of your health care financial decisions.

*Examples shown are for specific locations and time periods and are not intended to represent costs for procedures in your area.