Naturally Slim

The Naturally Slim program has the secret to lasting weight loss and it doesn’t include starving, counting calories or eating diet food. AMGH is now offering you the chance to learn how to eat to reduce your chances of getting a serious disease, like diabetes or heart disease, and increase your chance at living a longer, heathier life.

Did you miss the opportunity to join the Naturally Slim Class? Did you enroll in the class but did not complete it?

You are in luck! Naturally Slim now offers on-demand classes. Those who missed the first 2 sessions, now is your chance to lose weight and keep it off while eating your favorite foods. Did you registered and not complete the 10-week class? Now is your chance to reapply for the class and complete it. Register on the day of the week you want your classes to be available every week, so now you can complete your classes at your convenience.

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